Wednesday, December 15, 2010

e-Science paper wins Lloyds "Science of Risk" climate change prize

Dr Simon Gosling from the University of Reading's Walker Institute has been awarded ‘best paper' in the climate change category of the Lloyds ‘Science of Risk' prize.

Dr Gosling was awarded the prize for his paper on climate change and water scarcity published earlier this year. The research demonstrates where there is strong agreement across climate models that river flows will decrease and water scarcity will increase (e.g. western Europe and the Mediterranean) as well as highlighting where there is relatively more uncertainty in how these risks will change (e.g. south-eastern China). The paper was led by Dr Gosling and co-authored with Dan Bretherton and Prof Keith Haines, from the Reading e-Science Centre and Prof Nigel Arnell, Director of the Walker Institute.

The research was enabled by the Reading Campus Grid, which greatly accelerated the computations involved, reducing the computing time from weeks to hours.

Full press release

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